Nuts and Beans

Our Nuts and Beans are a packaged in many different ways, and come in many different forms.  We carry whole nuts, halves, slivered, crushed, salted/unsalted, roasted, in many different flavors.  Our Beans come in whole, cracked, split, canned, frozen, and in various flavors.  If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.


Almonds Deluxe Mixed Pepitas
Brazil Nuts Energy Mix Pignolias Chinese
Cashews Filberts Pistachios
Cinnamon Peanuts Hawaiian Trail Mix Pumpkin Seeds
Coconut Desicated Hazelnuts Sesame Sticks
Coconut Shredded Hikers Trail Mix Spanish Pignolia
Corn Nuts Macadamia Squash Seeds
Corn Sticks Milk Chocolate Almonds Walnuts
Corn Sticks w/Flax Oriental Nut Mix
Cranberry Pecan Mix Peanuts
Delux Trail Mix Pecans


Baked Gigantes White Beans Mung Beans
Black Eye Peas Green Beans Toor Dal
Black Turtle Beans Green Broad Beans Wasabi Bean Mix
Chick Peas Kidney Beans Wasabi Soy Beans
Chick Peas White Lentils
Fava Lima
Foul Moudammas Lupini
Garbonzo Moong Dal